September 24, 2009

KDE4 Python based plasmoids problem and Solution

Actually I had problem running some cool widgets in kDE4

I'm now running fedora 10

and I was depressed why this message appears
" Could not create a python Script engine ............ "

so I asked "3am Google" and he answered it ;)

in Bug 497275 - Python based plasmoids under KDE4

the solution was easy just install the right package ;)
yum install kdebase-workspace-python-applet

Done and I'm having fun ...

Now I'll search for the solution for the KDE ruby based widgets :))

August 19, 2009

Linux Session in Suez Canal University

Ismailia LUG was today in the Faculty of Engineering, Suez Canal University, today's session which helded by El Naquib was to introduce the OSS and Open Source culture, in addition to introduction to the Linux operating System,

students tries to use the system, and test how this system is easy to use,

after the session, we have moved to the computer lab to make a small installfest, Installation of ubuntu 9.04 by Alnaquib and Gaber

during the installation, students have asked the question and we've provide the answers,

After the Installation, Shrief gave us a small talk about the LUG philosphy, the Idea of a Linux Community and Open Source Culture.

I myself was excited with the session and the talk, the attendies was interactive, and friendly, and I think they was excited too.

session photos soon

Have Nice time with Linux, and Be in Touch